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When Todd Glen came to Fullerton College in the mid-’60s, he was working in a theater consultant company with his alma mater, Yale University, was earning a handsome living and had no ambition to teach. But he was intrigued by the fact that the small school was in the process of building a new theater facility. He was part of a wave of new young faculty members to come to FC at that time and who helped transform the theater department into the juggernaut it later became. This included Glen and Krinke’s launching of the High School Theater Festival, now the largest event of its kind west of the Mississippi River. While teaching at FC, Glen also became the resident designer for the Fullerton Civic Light Opera Company, where he brought in many of his students to give them practical experience.

Glen said many of the Theatre Arts Department students he had during the 1960s have since gone on to acclaim and fame in their fields. He later drew the conclusion that while ostensibly teaching theater arts, he was in actuality teaching more abstract skills such as time management, commitment to a team or group project, and creating and adhering to a financial budget. This gave more of a real-world dimension to what the department had to offer.

Around 1985, and feeling a sense of impending burnout, Glen launched Fullerton College’s Computer Graphics program. In the process, he moved over to the auspices of the Art Department, a change that gave him a chance to work for more than 17 years with students whose creativity and artistry differed from those of the world of theater.

“I think it was instilled by Dr. Sheller that there was a camaraderie – that we were doing something beneficial and helping students. All of us were committed to the concept of education rather than committed to ‘I need to earn a paycheck.’”
Todd Glen, February 5, 2011

“What is unique about Fullerton College and different than many of the other schools, is the scale of the intimacy that the teacher has with the student. It is like a small family. The relaxed environment, feeling secure in this environment, enjoying the location… All of these things make this unique for employment, and most of our faculty members have been here for an extended period of time.”
Todd Glen, February 5, 2011

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Theatre Arts Department, Art Department

  1. Glen, Todd. Videotaped Centennial Project interview, conducted and recorded by Jay Goldstein, February 5, 2011.